Sheet Vinyl


This versatility in production extends to vinyl flooring, which is available in a number of colors and patterns and can be crafted to resemble more expensive floors such as hardwood, tile or stone.

Vinyl is a water resistant material that is impervious to penetration from moisture. Vinyl tends to be relatively stain proof and easy to care for, but some regular cleaning is required. Modern manufacturing processes have led to the creation of vinyl flooring which can simulate nearly any other material, whether its tile, natural stone, or hardwood. It is even possible to get textured elements in the surface structure of the sheet or tiles in order to simulate the natural feel of the material. 

Printed Vinyl: This material gives you the widest range of design options but is manufactured with a wear layer over the surface. The thickness of the wear layer determines the durability of the vinyl, as it will fade over time. Solid Vinyl: This vinyl is manufactured with homogeneous layers which mean that the colors run true straight through the material. Because of this the surface won't wear down or fade away with use. Vinyl composite tiles are similar, but are manufactured to be even more durable and versatile than solid materials.

"Flooring By Design"

    A Mile High Quailty     Installation

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