"Adding Character to Your Home"

Stretch-in Installation: 

Provides enhanced underfoot comfort, acoustical properties when installed with a separate cushion

Increases thermal insulation

Can be used over floors that are unsuitable for glue-down

Removal costs usually are less than the removal of an adhered installation


"Enhance your Business"

Direct glue-down installation:

Suitable in high traffic areas

Seams are more durable

No restretch situations

Virtually eliminates incidences of seam peaking

No restrictions to area size

Intricate borders and inlays are possible

Carpet Tile

"Endless Ideas"

As a relatively new flooring choice, modular carpet tile allows building owners and others to make more precise decisions about how to effectively cover floors while wasting the least amount of resources.

Modular carpet tiles are smaller pieces of square carpet.


Tac Tiles: Eco-Friendly

No fumes, no odor, no mess. TacTiles is a safe, easy and efficient solution.

Tac Tiles is the proven glue-free installation system for modular carpet tiles.

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Custom Carpet Designs

"Highlight your Creativity"

Custom Carpet Designs allows you to mix and match products between different materials to create that special look. We can use the same manufacturer of the Carpet of your choice, or be innovative and creative to develop that floor you've always dreamed of. Denv3r Flo0ring T3chnicians is dedicated in creating that custom design look, because we are innovating the standards in modern flooring designs. 


"Beautifully Pattern Carpet"

pattern is a powerful decorating tool with countless options that can bring it to its full potential. It can be used to stretch the dimensions of a room, define areas within your home, or to reinforce a room’s character.

Walk Off Mat

"First Impressions"

Commercial Floor Mats that are designed to either scrape or wipe debris from the under soles of your shoes.

Cubicle Lift

"Add A New Look Without The Hassle Of Relocating."

Lift equipment that raises office furniture, cubicles and moveable walls less than an inch from the floor, allowing overnight carpet tile replacement without disturbance to personal spaces or cable connections. This drastically reduces employee downtime while protecting against damage to furniture and electronics, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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